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Investment Advisory

Our Core Service

As we all know, lack of working capital is the primary reason that small businesses fail. We notice raising capital has become a challenging process for any businesses as it has to be presented in a sensible manner to the potential investor.Our core service is to guide and assist the companies who are in need of capital by introducing and connecting the private equity or venture capital firms to grow the company and to work with them for the exit strategy.

We can help you in answering questions such as:

  • How raise the capital you need for your business?
  • Why should you call on private equity and venture capital?
  • What are the types of private equity and venture capital investors you should looking for?
  • How to select the private equity and venture capital firm?
  • How to prepare a business plan?
  • What should you expect from this partnership?
  • Defining the key exit objectives through a joint workout
  • How to obtain an optimum value for the business created by years of efforts
    List of Activities we do as a Pre-Investment process:
  • Assessment of the Current Status
  • Definition of Vision, Strategy , Targets and Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Sustainability Report
  • Financial Consulting
  • Stratergic Planning
  • Company and Business Re-Structuring
  • Interim Professional Management
  • Prepartion of Financial History & Audit History
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Defining Funding Needs
  • Assessment of Funding Alternatives and Timeframe
  • Valuation and Partnership Structure Assessment
  • Coordination of Capital Raising and/or M&A Process
  • Term Sheet/MOU/LOI Drafting and Negotiations
  • Due Diligence Coordination
  • Shareholders and Management Assessment
  • Assessment of Past Financials
  • Business Plan & Valuation Assessment
  • Assessment of Exit Alternatives
  • Investment Vehicle Structuring Advisory
  • Negotiation Support
  • Transaction Agreements Drafting Support
  • Closing Support
  • Provide strategic advisory
    List of Activities we do as a Post-Investment process:
  • Monitoring Post-Closing Transactions
  • Board Structure Establishment
  • Interim Operational Management
  • Investor/Shareholder Relations
  • Finalizing New Management & Key Personnel Assignments
  • Clarification of Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Finalizing Strategies, Annual Operating Plan and Business Plan
  • Assistance in Defining and Assigning Targets for Key Budget Owners
  • Assistance in Setting Up Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Assistance in Setting Up Financial Reporting & Monitoring Systems
  • Assistance in the Improvement of Business Processes, Operational
  • Performance & Efficiency
  • Strategic and International Business Development
  • Board Structure Establishment
  • Interim Operational Management
  • Strategic and International Business Development
  • Raising Debt or Equity Financing at Any Time
  • Exit Preparations
  • Management of Exit Process

Type of Funding we can assist:

  • Growth Equity:Capital for expansion, restructuring or to entering into new activities
  • Recapitalization: Reorganization of a company’s capital structure. This is to convert debts to equity requirement
  • Buyouts Equity: For a transaction where the business is purchased by a financial or strategic acquisition by the management or stakeholders
  • Acquisition Funding: Acquisition of direct competitor or growth opporunities
  • Minority Investment: Non-controlling investment used for expansion or to provide partial liquidity to current ownership
  • Generational Transitions: Active family members (or managers) attain operational control and selling shareholders realize liquidity
  • Turnarounds: Investment to be made in a company that has been performing poorly to achieve financial recovery

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